Programme for Potsdam event will be announced in early October

London event

10 June 2017
The Photographers Gallery

10.00 am Registration

10.30 am Welcome (organizers)

11.00 am Keynote – Dr Hing Tsang (University of Suffolk)

12.00 am Workshop – speculative questions

12.30 pm Lunch (provided)

1.30 pm Rethinking Photographic Index –
Paulius Petraitis (Middlesex University)

2.00 pm Split Secondness? On the Indexicality of the Digital –
Dr Martin Doll (Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf)

2.30 pm Rendering the Displaced Object –
John Hillman (Birmingham City University)

3.00 pm Astronomical Imaging & The Index –
Melanie King (Royal College of Art)

3.30 pm Break (tea/coffee and pastries)

4.00 pm Open Plenary and Workshop – emergent questions

5.00 pm Close